ETP removable insulation covers

The ETP removable insulations were primarily developed for the insulation of high temperature fittings and machine elements.Their use is especially recommended in places, where the maintenance, repair and cleaning works require the removal of the insulation.The insulation covers are produced in the whole dimension scale of steam and hot water valves, but we can produce insulations for machine elements of any size and form.

The design of ETP insulations make possible fast mounting and dismounting, their handling does not require any special skill.

The insulations can be used for both outdoor and indoor insulation works, as the cover is waterproof and can resist UV radiation, light acids, basis. The product is fireproof and can be used in wide temperature range (from -40 °C to +800 °C). On request, we can produce antistatic insulation.

The ETP insulation has high (85-95 %) insulation efficiency.

The superior quality of the materials and the applied technology guarantee the long service life.

Proposed fields of application

  • Fittings of steam and warm water systems
  • Plate and shell heat exchangers
  • Autoclaves, dismounted part of destillation towers
  • Pasteurizing equipment
  • Drying-heat treating equipment
  • Boiler and furnance doors
  • Flue gas channels (boilers, furnaces, turbines)