Energy TechnoPlus


Our company, the Energy TechnoPlus Ltd. has been working in the energy field in the past 20 years. The owners are two Hungarian private persons, of whom Mr. Károly Baráth managing director has been leading the company since its founding.

The main activities of Energy TechnoPlus:

Energy expert consultancy

Our specialists have been analyzing/auditing the energetics of more than 300 industrial plants and communal facilities in the past 20 years.

Energy project development

The construction and modernization of boiler houses, poli-generational small-scale power plants, steam and condense systems were performed with our private contractors and permanent subcontractors.

Production of removable insulation covers/jackets to fittings.

The production capacity is 7000 pieces per month in our plant in Tát.

We manufacture and sell the ETP removable insulations since 1999 to a number of countries around the world. During the energy analizes/audits became clear, that the builders and operators of caloric systems need a product like this.

The technical development of the ETP insulation is continuous, the manufacturing is performed under our own quality assurance systems. Our experts make every effort to have better price/value ratio and faster investment return period, than the other similar products on the market. Our won tenders and satisfied customers confirms us, that we are on the right track. Over the last two years we delivered to 18 countries, more than 70 000 pieces of insulations.

Other activities of our company:



Company name: ENERGY TECHNOPLUS Energetikai és Kereskedelmi Kft.

Date of foundation: 1993

Final name and company form: 1999

Headquarter:2028 Pilismarót, Kölcsey Ferenc u. 16 HUNGARY

Premises: (Insulation production industry) 2534 Tát Árpád u. 33. HUNGARY

Telephone: +36 70/382 1449; +36 70/382 1451

Fax: +36 70/905 9801



Managing Director: Baráth Károly

Company Registration No.:11-09-011397

Average Revenue: 400 mHUF/year

Largest Revenue: 1500 mHUF/year